Best Practice of Photography Training

Photography is an activity or process of producing an image/photo through light media with a tool called a camera with certain goals and objectives. To produce quality images or photos, good knowledge and skills are needed about photography. In addition, a reliable photographer must also understand the art and photography skills possessed. There are several important factors in supporting the quality of the resulting photo, the first factor is lighting. Without good lighting, the resulting photo will not be optimal. The next important factor in photography is the expertise of the photographer. Photography training skills can be honed by practicing continuously and knowing the techniques of taking pictures. Other factors include: camera, tripod, lens, etc. This training will provide knowledge about photography, setting the right lighting, photography techniques as well as tips and tricks in producing quality photos.

Best Practice of Photography Training


After attending this training, participants are expected to be able to:

  • Deep understanding of photography;
  • Understand lighting techniques;
  • Understand photography techniques;
  • Understand the application of photography for various purposes and activities.


1. Introduction to Photography
2. Camera Type and Format
3. DSLR Camera: Anatomy and Components, Features and Functions
4. Camera & Lens Accessories
5. Introduction to Camera Lens
6. Basic Exposure
7. Shutter speed character
8. Aperture Character
9. Finding & Thinking Perspective
10. Basic Photography Techniques
11. Basic Portrait & Landscape Photography
12. Basic Lighting
13. Advanced Lighting
14 Editing Lightroom
15. Understand the practice of photography for public relations
16. Photo Editing & Finishing Process
17. Practice photo hunting


Personnel who can take part in this training include:

  • Photographer
  • Beginner photographer
  • Employees related to photography.